Lorenzo Careggio




Lorenzo Careggio was born in 1983 in Casablanca. His career takes a turn in 2015 at the “Accademia Niko Romito” where he seizes the opportunity to make a leap forward.

His first symbolic and actual steps are in his grandmother’s kitchen, where different traditions meet and merge.
Piedmonts’, Moroccan and French recipes prepare his palate to his future as a chef. The will to experiment with ingredients which are usually far apart and his desire to create a bridge among different culinary cultures are a legacy from his childhood.

Despite starting the engineering studies, cooking is still his first love. Physics and analysis do not make his heart beating as fast as smoking and flambage. For this reason, he leaves the engineering studies to join the Cooks Academy in Turin and joining different restaurants in the city. These experiences help him handle the pressure and fatigue of working within a kitchen brigade, always wearing the brightest of smiles, since, ultimately, he is fulfilling his dreams.

Chef Lorenzo Careggio

His dream come true when he first steps into the Niko Romito academy, three Michelin stars. Thanks to his mentor he has the chance to explore several possibilities in Milan, Rome, and Castel di Sangro, in all restaurants of the chef from Abruzzo.

Once back in Turin, where he grew up, he joins Fabrizio Tesse and Marco Miglioli’s brigade at “Carignano” restaurant. Next to the two Michelin’s chefs he has the chance to improve his techniques and learn more about French cuisine.

In 2018 there is his turning-point. Together with his childhood friends Marco Pandoli e Alberto Fele he decides that it is time to take over a whole brigade. A leap in the dark which will result in a huge satisfaction: Eragoffi rises from the ashes of a historical restaurant of Turin and receives important acknowledgements from the industry guides (Gambero Rosso, Espresso, Identità Golose, Golosario and, eventually, Guida Michelin.)

While continuing with the creation of new dishes at EraGoffi linked to his philosophy of “simple genuine tastes” and being praised by the media and the guests of the restaurant, in 2019 he opens CasaGoffi. The venue along River Po has been created in the courtyard of EraGoffi’s canopy and serves drinks, informal dinners and brunch always supervised by the chef. This is a further tile in Lorenzo Careggio’s career which shows a versatile soul just as his cuisine.

Chef Lorenzo Careggio Eragoffi